I flew from Leon, Mexico, in to the left coast of the DSAC — Divided States of American Covidstan — suffocating in 3 masks worn one over the other, squinting in ski goggles (to prevent any floating unattached covid virii from sneaking into my eyes!), with surgical gloves (god knows why!), rain jacket and rain pants over my jeans and tees (easy to get out of at the baggage claim line, and when home, easy to wash out and dry post plane trip), fortified by doses of vitamin C multiple times the daily recommended allowance, accompanied by a farrago of…

Knowing the location of an earthquake epicenter helps in determining where potential death and destruction will be the largest. Seismic waves, which are generated in earthquakes, in volcanic activity (such as in the ongoing Krakatoa eruption), and even in nuclear weapons tests, are utilized in determining the epicenter of an earthquake.

Visualizing the movement of seismic waves is made easier by visualizing the sports stadium wave. Professional cheerleader Krazy George Henderson is credited with inventing the sports stadium wave where successive groups of spectators briefly stand, yell, and raise their arms before sitting down. …

From the Old English, Cwacian means “to shake or vibrate usually from shock or instability.” In the twelfth century it evolved into the word Quake. Eorthequakynge entered the Old English lexicon to mean “a shaking or trembling of the Earth that is volcanic or tectonic in origin.” In the fourteenth century it evolved into the now familiar Earthquake.

The Earth, however, has been experiencing quakes long before words were devised to describe them in any language — probably soon after it began hurtling around the Sun at 19 miles per second. The earliest record of an earthquake dates from 1831…

Krishna Venkatraman

San Francisco techie guy who leads product teams. Has varied interests.

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